the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON

Holler back, girl.

Like I said…

I’m building a new, sick, sparkly roving piece of madness. It’s a recipe for splintered wholeness, an antidote for easy-bake love and a quick-fix for real-hard hurt. I’m cooking up a work that kneads and stretches itself into states of crisis, that acknowledges awkwardness, fear, humor and the possibility for growth even in the cavernous discomfort of transition. Right/Left Behind will be performed by three fabulusty dancers—Emily Skillings, Lillie DeArmon, and Cory Antiel—and little ol’ me. We’re working hard and getting sweaty, but we can’t do it alone!

To make this shebang go off without a hitch, we need to raise $4,000!

If you haven’t donated yet, its oh-so-easy and 100% tax deductible! Press this button, read my sexy bio, then click “donate to this artist” at the bottom. It’s waaay easier than baking cookies (but you can give me those too!).

I am hella thankful for any and everything you send my way: love, good vibes, cookies, money, smiles, ideas, well-articulated and constructive criticism, praise etc. etc.


One response

  1. get it get it get it! fundraising campaign looks GREAT – hope you’re raising those funds! xo.

    February 17, 2010 at 1:53 pm

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