the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON

Raise your hands if you wanna see SASS IN NEWPORT!

oooh! we do!

Darlings. It is about time we climb back up on a stage and shake our goodies for ya. Oh, and make you feel that squirm of emo-love-giggle-hurt in your tired abdomen.

And this time, we’ll do it by the seaside! (woo! seaside!)

If you are not in the loop or are generally loopy or just don’t know:

Saifan Shmerer| SASSON is performing in the Great Friends Dance Festival (!!!)

All Hue and Scent: Emily Skillings, Cory Antiel

OH-MY-GOD-WHEN?!:  July 21st, 22nd and 23rd at 7:30pm

BY-GOLLY-WHERE?!: Great Friends Meeting House, Newport RI

GEE-WILIKERS-HOW-MUCH!?: depends on your longevity… tickets here

WHAT-THE-PUMPKIN-WILL-WE-SEE!?: an excerpt from Right/Left Behind, which premiered in NYC this past April to a sold-out (!) audience. We can promise some raw love, popping plastic, sweat, peas, moms, and little mariah…

…and if that isn’t enough to tempt you, check out this press in the Providence Pheonix and get hot(ter) and bothered!

we WILL see you there. right?


-seaside sass


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