the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON


I am terrible at updating a blog. I long to be capable of commitment in this department. But most of the time I long more deeply and more intensely for sleep, and food and a night out with friends. And thus, away to the back-burner goes the updatey-plans.

That being said, this moment is an immense accomplishment and I would like some patting on my backside.

I’ve had “Newport Recap” on my list of TO-DOOs for way too long now: it was an awakening experience and a total blast. I have no doubt that we were the strangest thing Newport has seen since that one guy started fishing off Brenton Point in pink stilletos—and I could not be more proud of that association.

I have many thank yous and huge bags (bigger that the ones still filled with packing nuggets, still living in my livingroom) of love and gratitude and aw at the amazing people who support me and teach me and love me and help me grow. (Cue the sap music).  Let me put light around the following: Mom. Miss Miki. Safta. Saba. Matthew. Lillie. Emily. Cory. Lindsay. SarahAO. Dominique. Roz. Thomas. Luned. Gregg. Kahlia. Yan. Mary Beth. Lauren. Chrissy. Kas. Meredith. Nick. Harper. Tyler.  Brett. Noah. Jill. Jane. Danielle. dotti. Perian. Meghan. Neeny. Anyone who came (to this or any show), sees, thinks, feels, asks questions.  I cannot be me/do this without you.

Pictures are forthcoming.  As are new project ideas (GASP!!)

And now, I’d like to leave you with this gem.

Don’t cry! I’ll be back soon….ish.



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