the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON

a retroactive usefulness

I’ve been digging up artifacts. Art. I. Facts. MeFacts. Artmefacts.

“I Feel…”  duet script

S&E, individually respond to immediate physical environment (example: “I feel your right scapula with my left thumb”)—each at least once.

S: I feel you two feet and six inches away from me.

E: I feel lost.

S: I feel like you’re always trying to get in.

E:  In to what?

I feel like a runway.

I feel your fingers like lasers.

S: I feel like I could stay here forever.

E: I feel like I have to keep moving.

S: I feel your foot like a hovercraft.

I feel like dough in your hands.

E: I feel like hands in your dough.

I feel like we are a map.

You are here.

S: No. I’m here.

I feel you pushing me.

E: Harder. Push harder.

I feel your right…and your left.

S: Who decides what’s right and what’s left…behind?

E: I feel like we can fly.

S: Birds.

We are birds.


One response

  1. lindsay blow bags

    i like the part when we were birds. or remember when we were birds?

    November 4, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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