the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON

Who’s That Girl?

SAIFAN SHMERER is geographically located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, emotionally trapped between fantasy and logic and psychically road-tripping between matter and the moon. Her muscle memory contains 19 years of ballet training, tutus and pointe shoes, 4 years of hip-hop and jazz (including Thriller and the solo from Flashdance), 6 (plus) years of “modern,” improvisational practice and performance theory. Her intellectual capacity is threatening to max out at 14,562 GB of radical anti-racist feminism(s), childhood memories, intensive personal inquiry, 6 years of conversational Spanish, the kinesthetic dynamics of quality espresso and latte art, her grandmother’s pie crust recipe and the names of her 11 cats (some deceased). She and her work are concerned with “the state of things” in any and all of the following departments: the world, love, dreams, the economy, drag, academia, gynecology, language, institutions like marriage, history/herstories, sex, imaginary domains, time, the inside of her refrigerator, power, stereotypes, (mis)representation, performativity, education and bodies. In the tradition of name-dropping, Saifan graduated from Eugene Lang New School for Liberal Arts in 2008. She was the 2008-09 recipient of the Van Lier Fellowship at Dance Theater Workshop. In April 2010, Saifan premiered her first evening-length work, Right/Left Behind to a sold-out audience at The Tank, NYC. She is also the curator and host of the monthly VIP(arty) Performance Party Series in DUMBO. Saifan is currently performing and perambulating under the moniker SASSON.