the shameless self-promotion of the-one-and-only: SASSON

Git’er dun.

Its OH-fficial.

TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW. click your little digits over to or click right here to be sure you are not the sad-sack sitting on the sidewalk when the curtain goes up.

In other news:

1.) Another hefty wad of gratitude is owed to all those who came out for our VIP(arty) at the dumbo general store. To everyone who came/drank/donated/talked/felt/saw–THANK YOU. This project is only possible because hot-pants like YOU show up and support. All your sweet notes and feedback brought a shiny tear to my eye.

2.) We have officially passed the $2,000 mark which means we are more than half-way to fulfilling our total budget. THIS ROCKS MY SOCKS. If you have already participated in the rocking of my socks, I send you eternal thanks and endless happitude. If you have yet to rock socks, GIT’ER DUN.

Now, get out of the damn house and GO FROLIC IN THE SUNSHINE.




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